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A staple in almost every woman’s closet these days are hand bags. Usually multiple handbags, with most of those being designer handbags. Designer handbags are worth good money and have a strong cash value. At Tim’s Trading Post and Pawn, we carry an extensive line of designer purses and luxury handbags.

Our pawnbrokers are experts in appraising and valuing designer items and distinguishing between authentic and fake ones. It’s because of this that our customers can rest assured knowing that they are getting the real thing and not a knock-off.


Luxury handbags are beautiful. Some would even consider them art. Higher-end bags are great at holding their value, especially if they are taken care of and stored well.

At Tim’s Trading Post and Pawn shop, we carry bags that are highly sought after.

For example, we have a great selection of Louis Vuitton bags for any occasion. It doesn’t stop there. Brands such as Prada, Coach, Chanel, Hermes, Michael Kors, and Dolce and Gabbana are regulars in our store.

All are available at generously discounted prices. Inventory changes quickly, so frequently checking back is advised if you are looking for a specific type of bag.

To receive top dollar for your handbags, we suggest including as much of the original packaging as possible. The original box and any dust bags will both bring added value. Pre-owned designer bags with certifications will bring in top dollar.


When shopping for a designer bag, there are many places to shop for pre-owned items.

Pawn Shops That Buy and Sell Handbags in Seminole
Auctions, eBay, Craigslist, and other online consignment shops are all choices.

The problem is that you never know for sure what you are buying. These shops are riddled with counterfeits.

They do not have the same authenticity checkers that our pawn shop has. Also, these avenues commonly use bait and switch tactics.

At Tim’s Trading Post and Pawn, you can walk into our store and thoroughly inspect the designer bag or wallet you want to purchase prior to dishing out the money.

We are confident that you will leave the pawn shop satisfied and more fashionable than when you came in. Take advantage of our 10% loan rates, some of the lowest in the industry!

If you are looking to pawn, buy or sell hand bags in Largo, Seminole, Clearwater or any nearby area in Pinellas County, call our pawn shop at (727) 239-7250 or just stop by, we’re open til 6:00.

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